ShiftingBlissMusicWorks is pioneering the indigenous “NYCDubRock” sound in a company culture of artists and bands from contemporary and global genres.  The company is a boutique music production studio and publishing company with recording, engineering, and management located in New York and California.  ShiftingBliss represents original work by musicians in genres from rock, pop, dub, reggae, dance/electronica, hiphop, soul, jazz and other world influences, fused into “soundscapes” of listening experience.  


From composing and arranging to design and engineering capabilities, ShiftingBliss is independently releasing albums from a roster of eclectic artists, performing live at clubs and events, and building a specialty album division.  Our songwriters and composers have track records in music placement and licensing under our Rainchon Woogie Music Publishing division with music for today’s media producers in film, television, advertising, or for the fast changing digital space.  The “BlissBeatBoutique”™ catalogue contains original tracks, music cues, and other samples for sound design available for traditional and new media formats. The company utilizes all of their music production, creative design, and management experience to support each artist to their maximum creative potential from songwriting to artwork to marketing and promotions.



A passionate disregard for limitation is at the core of ShiftingBlissMusicWorks creative process and productions.  Our sound includes the East Coast dubrock/electronic groove of the flagship band, ShiftingBliss, the solo work of rock poster artist Dave Welker, the California surf rock of Space Banana, to the southern fried sound of Florida’s LadyLakeBoyz and the hypnotic and meditative songwriting of the new Nandi release – ShiftingBlissMusicWorks offers a palette of styles and flavors for the music aficionado, fan, or industry professional.